Bulk products can be transloaded from rail cars to bulk
transports or ocean containers (ISO tanks), from bulk
transports to rail cars or ocean containers (ISO tanks)
and from ocean containers (ISO tanks) to rail cars or bulk
transports. Multiple products can be loaded into
compartmented rail cars or transports as requested by
the customer
, thereby increasing flexibility in product

Transloading can be done utilizing our equipment or the
carrier's equipment. All of our equipment is completely
flushed with our proprietary flush system to prevent
cross contamination between products. Flush materials  
can be segregated by product and returned for
re-blending at the customer's plant. This significantly
reduces product loss for our customers. Flush oil that is
not returned to the customer is recycled which
eliminates any waste streams at our facility.

Transloading of dry products from hopper cars to self
loading transport vehicles can also be performed at our
facility. This ensures that the driver has a secure place to
transload with on site personnel to assist. We provide
support services including: document preparation, rail
switching coordination, sample retention, spill clean up
assistance, etc.

Transloading QC samples are retained as required by
each customer.
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